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My name is Aidan. I'm a young, optimistic citizen of the world entering the Journalism program at the University of Montana next fall. I'm a drummer, singer, pianist, and ukulele...ist, I guess? I'm also a HUGE concert junkie - I'll go to any show I can get tickets for.
Long story short, this blog consists of two things I love: writing and music. Now here's my disclaimer: I am, by no means, a professional music critic. Take anything you read here with a grain of salt. Furthermore, I claim no ownership over any mentioned bands or anything related to them. I'm just sharing music with the world.

Rock on and enjoy your stay!



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    1. And I love your enthusiasm! ;) Thanks for being my first fan!

  2. Aidan can I add this blog's link to the OC Blog?

    1. Absolutely, that would be awesome! Go right ahead!


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