Single Review: THE WLDLFE - "I Don't Mind"

Indianapolis-based pop pioneers THE WLDLFE want to redefine your take on pop music with their brand new track "I Don't Mind."


This five-piece pop act is based out of Indy, famous for its racecar culture - and just like those machines, THE WLDLFE is on the fast track to success. With over 4 million streams on Spotify to date and the honor of playing alongside such legendary acts as Phantogram and COIN, this new-age pop group is already making a name for themselves since their birth in early 2016.
THE WLDLFE is made up of Jansen Hogan, Jason Boucouras, Jack Crane, Geoffrey Jones, and Carson Hogan. According to their SoundCloud bio, this ambitious quintet has set out to "bring pop music a more honest quality" through lyrical storytelling, catchy melodies and a new and agreeable opinion on how pop music should sound.
They first made their intentions known when they released their debut EP, rightly titled "New," in March 2016. They used this musical first impression to establish their modern-yet-retro sound (think The 1975) with their already-growing fanbase. Later that year, their first standalone single "Text Me?" was released and furthered this five-piece in their journey to redefine the genre. With 2017 came the group's second EP entitled "I.L.Y." which in this case stands for "I Lost You," the record's emotional first track. THE WLDLFE has the real potential to become a household name, especially with the brand-new release of their single "I Don't Mind."

The Review: "I Don't Mind"

This song screams nostalgia in all the right ways. "It was the start of my sophomore year, I had my broken heart, you were my biggest fear" states the very first line of a song full of teen vibes and good times. The track puts out heavy retro vibes, with lots of smooth synth and keys, a heavy-hitting snare and lots of toms. Between the verses and third chorus, a filtered electric guitar sings out a melody that screams 80's love ballad. And that's exactly what this song is supposed to be: an ode to new love and the thrill of being young. "I don't mind if you stay all the time and never let go," the chorus croons - a thought that every young lover has that first time they hang out in your bedroom and put on some soft music.
One of THE WLDLFE's biggest goals as artists is to redefine the way people see pop music, and "I Don't Mind" follows in the footsteps of previous singles for doing exactly that. It isn't often anymore that you hear sounds like this revolutionary group is making, but it is a change that pop music should welcome with open arms. Although taking influence from other artists is a natural occurrence and pivotal to becoming successful, THE WLDLFE is determined to be the band that influences others - and "I Don't Mind" is a track that other pop pioneers will surely look to.
"I Don't Mind" truly leaves little else to be desired. It is a track that will surely have a huge appeal to 2018's twenty-somethings, looking back on their first crush and remembering that feeling of butterflies. But it's also a synth ballad for today's young lovers as well - the passion that THE WLDLFE puts into all of their tracks is infectious, and "I Don't Mind" in particular lays on the emotion. I could definitely picture it playing on the radio in the background as two kids fall in love.

Fan Reaction

I reached out to THE WLDLFE TEAM, a Twitter fan account, for their take on the band and their new track:

"When I think of the wldlfe I not only think of some talented boys living their lives on the other side of the world but also some pretty cool dudes who I like to call my friends. Since the day I found them, they changed my life to a better happier one and I will forever be grateful for everything they've done for me! When you fall in love with the wldlfe, you fall in love with a band who loves you back and that's what makes them even more special! Running their first official team account is such an honour and I will never get tired of it because those dudes deserve all the love they can get! One day, and trust me it's gonna happen, they gonna sell out the biggest venues all around the world and I'm gonna look back being really proud how far they've come!! All 5 of them really own my heart and I can't wait to finally give them the biggest hug in the world while I tell them personally that I love them!! 'i don't mind' is an amazing start to not only a great 2018 but also an awesome journey with a really bright future and I can not wait to be a part of it." -Kerstin, THE WLDLFE TEAM

Huge thanks to Kerstin and the band for their contributions to the review. You can stream "I Don't Mind" from Spotify and Apple Music now, and be sure to send your love via Twitter to @the_wldlife!



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