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With the success of this amazing trio in the past nine months, I feel it's only fitting that we revisit and check back in on the social media-fueled chill pop genius that is MILKK.

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Since Last Time...

The last time we saw the self-proclaimed "emo boy-band" MILKK back in May, they had a massive online following and one single, "Pacific Kiss." And this trio couldn't have been happier about what they had - loyal fans, a song that was getting buzz, and of course, a spot on this blog. (Just kidding... kinda.) And fortunately, these three guys are still going nowhere but up.

After "Pacific Kiss" hit streaming services on May 26th, MILKK received enough buzz from their already-huge fanbase to interest Good Time Records, an independent label out of lead singer Pat Kiloran's hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The group announced signing with the label on July 24th via Twitter, ushering in "the next chapter of MILKK." Prior to this exciting news, the trio had released a second single, "Less Than 3," but announced that they would be taking it down from Apple Music and Spotify "for just a couple weeks" - a decision influenced, as it turns out, by their soon-to-be-announced record label. The song would indeed return, but not for a while.

MILKK had a fairly quiet summer, constantly interacting with their ever-growing fanbase and retweeting their fanart but not releasing much in terms of music. The only exception was a 15-second cut of a song called "Sad Girls," for a which a release date is still yet to be announced. (You can hear that song preview here and then tweet to @wearemilkk and ask them politely to release it.) They also teased the re-release of a remastered version of "Less Than 3" throughout the summer. Finally, on August 22nd, the band's account tweeted out "9.15.17" which turned out to be the release date of the band's official second single, "IDWK." And with much hype leading up to that date by both the band and the fans, the song was finally released and became an instant fan favorite. It has the same West Coast, wavy, lose-yourself vibes as "Pacific Kiss," but with a much slower tempo and sadder message. Two days later, an acoustic version posted by Kiloran made even more waves on Twitter. "Is anybody there / I don't wanna know," laments the chorus and namesake of the song. If you need a song to cry to after a breakup, this is the one.

Only ten days after the release of "IDWK," the band account tweeted once again about the track everyone was missing: "you want to hear "Less Than 3" again soon or?" The hype was real, but once again fans would not hear about it again for a while. Likewise, "Sad Girls" has been mentioned again and again within the timeline, but fans have not yet heard it. As much as MILKK loves its fans, it loves to tease them, too. In the meantime, I was personally added to a group chat on Twitter created by Kiloran, and it continues to be a great source of friendship and entertainment to this day (especially when Pat drops in and sends memes or stickers).
But finally, after a summer and fall filled with hype, November 12th was the day that MILKK finally announced the return of its true second (but actually third) single, "Less Than 3," which dropped the next Friday. And the hype was worth it - enough so that the band recently filmed and released a live studio version of the song, which can be found here. Again, MILKK changed up its sound without interfering with the vibe that made fans fall in love with "Pacific Kiss" and later with "IDWK." Pounding drums and heartfelt lyrics combined with the remastered sound curated in its long absence make "Less Than 3" a unique addition to anyone's love song playlist.

...Moving Forward

I made it clear in my first post, and I will say it again: the driving force of MILKK is the fans. I am lucky to count myself as a member of this community of loving fans who want nothing for the best for this talented trio. It can be tough to stand by a band that is not even a year old. There are a lot of roadblocks to overcome and risks to take. But I have never seen a fanbase so dedicated to a band like this one is. (Shoutout to the group chat - you'll be the first ones to get a link!)
Just like the rest of us, MILKK is looking into 2018 with optimism and excitement. In December, they tweeted the names of 3 songs on a 5-song list: The ever-mysterious "Sad Girls," "Secret's Out" (which you can hear a preview of here) and "Forever 17," with the last two spaces blank. In fact, the last three weeks have been filled with hints of new music coming sooner rather than later, like this tweet: "hey man, yeah, actually i think we're putting out another song in less than a month" (followed up hilariously by "wait this isn't texting how do i delete"). Many are theorizing that we will finally hear "Sad Girls" this month, and I could not be more ready for that. Pat has also hinted that touring may become a reality in 2018, with possibilities for supporting roles on tours in the works.
To get in on all of the action, follow MILKK on Twitter @wearemilkk and let them know YNFB sent you. Check out Spotify to hear what all the hype is about!


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  1. sweet article aidan! thanks for sharing this with the us (and the group chat first!). you're the best, man :)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words!!


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