A huge fanbase and one song? Not impossible - just rare. And you've found it with indie-poppers MILKK. Hear from the band and the fans below!

The Members

MILKK is a three-piece indie pop group that hasn't been around very long - just since April of this year. Pat Kiloran is the face of the trio, a singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist from Music City of Nashville. Jack Vondrachek is a producer and multi-instrument player from the Twin Cities, and rounding out the trio is John Ogelby on touring/session percussion and production. Frontman Pat explains how the band got together:

"Jack and I met when we were freshmen in high school in MN. I was starting a band with a friend at the time, and we asked Jack to join. We didn't really know him at all. We just knew that he played guitar. Then I met John while playing some gigs down here in Nashville. We hung out a couple times and went on the road together for a weekend run of shows, and I just knew he was the right guy to finish out the trio. Coincidentally, we all lived and played in MN at different times and know a lot of the same people from that scene."

The Music

Well, truth be told, there isn't much yet. In fact, there's one song - but that one song is already making waves. 
"Pacific Kiss" hit music streaming services May 26th as the trio's debut track, and it's been picking up steam every day since. It's already been noticed and signal boosted on multiple platforms thanks to high early streaming stats. And those numbers aren't coming out of nowhere, but from the multitudes of fans they already have.
MILKK hit the big time early, as they mention in the statement they gave me: "After going public on social media at the beginning of April 2017, MILKK made an unexpectedly quick and remarkably large splash in the indie-pop scene, connecting almost instantly with a wide array of die-hard fans." 
And they aren't exaggerating - take one look into the Twittersphere and you're bound to run into users who have been fans before the release of their debut. @sadartgallery from Twitter (feel free to follow!) told me a little bit about how she discovered her new favorites:

"I first discovered MILKK a few months ago when [I found them] on Instagram. I checked out their page and I really loved their aesthetic, so I decided to find them on Twitter as well. There was a clip of "Pacific Kiss" pinned to the top of their page, and as soon as I heard it I fell in love. After that I was pretty much just waiting for them to actually release the song, so I ended up joining a group chat for fans of MILKK. We call ourselves the Carton Club and we're like one big happy family. It's great." 

If these guys are doing it for the fans, then they've got a lot to work with.

As for the song itself: if their future is half as bright as their sound, then MILKK is set for life. With beachy vibes and The 1975-esque guitar hooks, this song screams summer. You'd think that this is your typical LA-born-and-raised pop group by the natural California sound, but the fact that they're quite the opposite says something special about this midwest/southern trio. It suggests versatility and uniqueness - two qualities necessary to get ahead in the competitive world of indie pop. And these guys have done it, with only one single so far. Pat's voice floats easily over the smooth sound inspired by the likes of LANY and others. Not every band can be this far ahead of the game. Impressive, indeed.

The Final Word

From their birth just a few short months ago, MILKK have hit the ground running. No band that I've witnessed has hit the spotlight this early with only one single under their belt, released AFTER their extensive fanbase had already been established. And with a song like "Pacific Kiss" leading them off, it's my guess that this trio is going places. @sadartgallery wraps it up pretty nicely: "Seeing MILKK grow has been so cool, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to find them before they got huge." 
And here's your opportunity to help them grow even more: follow them on Twitter at @wearemilkk, and listen to "Pacific Kiss" on Soundcloud and Spotify now! A live video version of "Pacific Kiss" will be available once the song hits 4,000 streams on Spotify, so let's get them there!



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