Against The Current

It's time to kick your spring into high gear, and I have some great pop rock energy for you in Against The Current.

The Members

Against The Current is a three-piece group out of Poughkeepsie, New York. The frontwoman is the gorgeous Chrissy Costanza, the guitarist is the very talented Daniel Gow, and keeping the beat is Will Ferri. This trio actually started up as a quartet in early 2011 by Gow and Ferri along with a couple of friends until Costanza joined later that year, adding that signature female voice. The young group gained a considerable following from their Youtube channel, making covers of popular songs along with other YouTubers and gaining fans along the way up until the release of their first original songs. I personally discovered the band last summer before catching them on the Vans Warped Tour in August:

The Music

Pop rock is the perfect definition for this lively trio. Their music has the infectious pop sound to catch your ear, and the rock vibes to get you jacked up and bobbing your head to the pounding guitar. Costanza's voice is incomparable and versatile - it's a voice you could hear either on a Chainsmokers track or a duet with Hayley Williams (speaking of, check their Spotify for a cover of Ain't It Fun!).
Their first batch of originals, the Gravity EP, introduces the band as a solid contender in the competitive pop rock scene. "Talk" is upbeat, guitar-heavy, and reminiscent of your favorite mid-2000's angsty scene rage bands screaming about boys who never change. On the other hand, "Dreaming Alone," featuring the voice talent of Taka, slows it down with beautiful harmonies and lyrics about missing the one you love.
Their 2016 debut full-length, In Our Bones, is the perfect blend of lighter pop rock tracks and heavier rock-centric tracks that will appeal to a wide audience. One of my personal favorites is "Wasteland," which starts out with poppy keyboards but transforms into a ballad comparable to any one of the greats (All Time Low, anyone?) "Blood Like Gasoline," as the name suggests, hits hard and doesn't give apologies.
If you're not too into the heavy side of rock, you'd definitely groove to "Forget Me Now," a laid back post-love anthem perfect for any beach dance party or girl's night out. "Runaway" gives off similar vibes with its fun lyrics and bright catchy melody, and "Young and Relentless" is the teen exclamation we've all been looking for.

The Final Word

Get a feel for Against The Current either by checking out their numerous covers of popular songs, or dive right in to their originals in the Gravity EP or the debut In Our Bones. Either way, you'll find ATC will be your newest pop rock jam heading into summer. Infectious pop lyrics and melodies, juxtaposed with heavy guitar and driving drums and Chrissy Costanza's incredible voice will have you bobbing your head and dancing with friends at the same time (if that's possible - try it). Add these guys to your party playlist for late nights and get ready to fall in love.
Against the Current can be found on Spotify, and still posts to their YouTube channel with music videos and even more covers. 

Let me know what you think about ATC in the comments!



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