Wholesome indie acoustic is what can help carry you into spring, and Saywecanfly is the perfect way to experience it.

The Members

Saywecanfly is a solo act by Braden Barrie, an Ontario native who uses his skills in the studio, on the guitar and with his excellent emo-stylistic voice to move audiences with powerful acoustic emo music. In his eight-year career, Braden has released two full studio albums as well as six EP's and has toured extensively in support of them, as well as doing summer stints on the Vans Warped Tour two years running (where I was lucky enough to meet him). Connecting with fans is his number one priority, and his upcoming tour puts a focus on it, which I will explain later. 

The Music

Saywecanfly is music straight from the heart - there's no other way to describe it. Braden pours his real trials and tribulations into his recordings, letting listeners into his pain with brutally honest lyrics that can sting at first, but ultimately heal. Early songs such as "Scars" and newer tracks such as "Darling" from the EP of the same name tell of real struggles with love, loss and depression. My personal favorite is Between the Roses, Saywecanfly's first full-length album. In it, listeners hear stories both of hope and pain, of forgiveness and letting go. Since his beginnings in 2009 as an emerging emo artist, his incredible voice and truthful lyrics have struck a chord with young listeners who have suffered the same pains. Exploring Saywecanfly's extensive discography of EP's leads you on a personal journey of Braden's mind, where both heaven and hell can be found. His latest release, an album entitled Blessed Are Those, continues this trend, although there is an upward shift in the amount of instrumentation Braden uses compared to mostly just acoustic guitar on releases such as 2012's Dandelion Necklace EP. Hope, however, can be found even in the darkest of rooms, and Braden makes it clear through all of his music that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Final Word

As incredible as Saywecanfly's music is, Braden himself is an even more incredible person. His talent with simply a guitar and a strong voice sets him apart in the world of acoustic emo and has set him up for an already-successful career that has no place to go but up. His songs give a panoramic look at his past as well as a glimpse to a hopeful future. In person, Braden is a fun-loving, goofy guy who loves to share his story. And you may just be lucky enough to meet him for yourself, thanks to the upcoming Storyteller Unplugged tour.

I'm super excited about this (even though as of right now he will not be passing through my hometown). This is a very personal coffeehouse-style tour, further proving the point that Braden loves his fans more than anything. If you have a chance to catch the tour either here in the US or in Europe, please do so - Saywecanfly's beautifully painful acoustic emo combined with his friendly live set will surely be a night to remember. You can find more information on the tour and about Saywecanfly on his Facebook page as well as his Youtube, and be sure to add him on Snapchat at SayWeCanBread (yeah, I don't know either) for some great stories. And speaking of stories, Saywecanfly has a lot of them - and he's eager to share them with anyone who wants to listen.


(P.S. I greatly apologize for the extended hiatus - school has been absolutely eating me alive and that unfortunately takes precedence over my blog. I hope to be back in business, however, and I appreciate your continued support!)


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