It's spring break time! Whether you're cruising the coast or chilling at a party, HUNNY is the bright post-punk you need.

The Members

To be honest, there's not much to be known about HUNNY other than what thorough research has dug up - the band itself hasn't given us much. For example, the members are listed on Facebook as "jason, jake, gregory, kevin, joey"... even though there's six members. Their location is "Southern California"... and that's it.
Fortunately, your humble blog author is decent at researching and was able to dig up some more info. Thanks to, we know that the members consist of Jason Yarger as lead vocalist and lead guitar, Jake Goldstein and Jake Munk on backup guitars, Greg Horne on bass, Kevin Gerimmett as keyboardist, and Joey Anderson as the drummer. As most SoCal bands do, HUNNY started out with humble beginnings - Goldstein and Munk were long-time friends who played music together regularly. Similarly, Yarger and Horne had been playing in a group years before the six musicians decided to band together (no pun intended) to form HUNNY in 2014. 

The Music

HUNNY has described themselves as "sadwave," a variety of post-punk influenced by groups like The Cure with lyrics focusing on the more downtrodden moments of their youth. Although some aspects of the band are rather unusual (the About section of their Facebook page reads 甘い付箋。何も、すべて。どこかで何か。人間を救う。キス。殺す。私はあなたを愛して、はちみつ, which translates from Japanese as "Sweet sticky note. Nothing, everything. Something somewhere. Save human beings. kiss. kill. I love you, honey"), the music of HUNNY is a prime example of SoCal rock that suggests beach parties or chill nights. "Cry For Me," the band's first single and first track on the 2015 debut EP Pain / Ache / Loving, is reminiscent of your favorite post-punk group with a special flair to make it their own. Heavy keyboard work that would make Two Door Cinema Club jealous combined with guitars that drive the rhythm to new heights help to make HUNNY a contender for the best group of their genre today. "July," my personal favorite of the EP, screams "we've gotta find a new place to hide out" with all the fervor of The Cure and all the passion to make it personal. "Natalie" has a nostalgic vibe to it, with shimmering guitars that would remind anyone of their past lovers, regardless of whether they're named Natalie. Two singles from 2016, "Colder Parts" and "Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me)," round out the short yet lively (and growing) discography of this young emerging California superpower.
*UPDATE* Check out the links to HUNNY's streaming sites below for their NEW SINGLE, "Shy," which has just been released! A full update has been added to the article below.

The Final Word

With HUNNY touring extensively around the States this spring and summer supporting Bad Suns, and playing alongside The Frights in May, you have plenty of opportunity to rock out with this up-and-coming sadwave band. With bright keyboards, smooth guitar sounds, tasty bass licks and vocals that speak to any angsty teen (only half-joking, because I'm one of them), HUNNY is a party band for any spring break occasion and on into summer. We've all had breakups and bad times, and HUNNY understands, delivering an uplifting form of sympathy to get you out of that darkness and onto the dance floor.
Connect with HUNNY on their social medias and listen on Spotify or SoundCloud. I would also direct you to But, as I mentioned before, there's not a lot there.


P.S. I'd like to give a huge shout to my buddy Nate Burr for recommending these guys to me. Catch HUNNY's upcoming show in Boise and see if you can find him!

P.P.S. After completion of this post, HUNNY's manager reached out to me with a release about HUNNY's brand new single, "Shy," out NOW on their SoundCloud page (link above):

"This energetic track features a magnetic drumbeat, stellar vocals, and a mesmerizing chorus. This alt-rock single comes with a splash of pop - it'll be stuck in your head in no time.

Pre-sale starts today for HUNNY's show at the Constellation Room in Orange County on May 26. (Gateway Drugs and Kid Bloom open.)

HUNNY explains, "After hearing a million different people talk to us about the importance of everything from branding to 'hit potential', we took it upon ourselves to instead focus on what we love about being in a band: the writing and recording of a shit ton of music. This song is the first thing you will hear from that said collection of music. We hope you enjoy."

Huge thanks to Sarah Haberfeld and HUNNY for the great info! Please check them out on tour and follow their social medias!


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