Dirty Revival

For something fun and different, check out the funky sound of soul-hop that is Dirty Revival.

The Members

Dirty Revival is a seven-piece outfit from Portland, Oregon. They embrace their roots in basements and garages and are now prepared to take the Rose City's best stages and show off their unique style. Sarah Clarke is the bold frontwoman, a native Portlandian with strong vocals. Evan ‘evv'n'flo’ Simko rocks lead guitar and also hails from Portland. Terry Drysdale handles the funky drum beats while Karl Ludwigsen* pounds the keyboard and Jon Shaw handles the bass (upright or guitar). The brass section is rounded out by Jon Clay on the trumpet and Chris Hardin on the tenor saxophone. Separately, the members of Dirty Revival are locally well-renowned musicians with immense talent and potential. Together, they make PDX's funkiest bunch.

The Music

From the first track of Dirty Revival's debut self-titled record, listeners are thrown for a loop. They're definitely funky, yes - "Dirty Love" starts of with powerful horns over a driving beat that anyone would tag as such. However, Dirty Revival has revolutionized the game by adding rap. That's right - like Earth, Wind & Fire was transported to the 21st century and given a hip hop upgrade. The style, which the band has lovingly dubbed "soul-hop," makes perfect sense and creates a vibe that makes you want to both boogie and breakdance. And the variance doesn't stop there - "She Can't Wait" incorporates a string section into a bluesy tune, essentially creating a disco track for the new generation. Sarah Clarke's voice is the perfect centerpiece surrounded by a talented brass section and bass lines that make even the least funky among us want to dance. Tracks such as "Make It" embody the roots of funk, while more somber tunes like "Lay Me Down" belong in New Orleans' most prestigious night clubs. Overall, the music of Dirty Revival is funk with veins of hip hop, pop and New Orleans jazz that has electrified the Pacific Northwest. The group has only released one album so far in their career, but their self-titled debut leaves listeners begging for more. 

The Final Word

Portland, Oregon isn't exactly famous for its production of funk artists - but that may change with the emergence of Dirty Revival onto the scene. Touring extensively around the Northwest in support of their self-titled debut album has helped this seven-piece to see the world outside of basement rehearsals and dark bars and into spotlights around the region. The injection of hip hop into the classic funk scene with the inclusion of some bluesy hits make Dirty Revival irresistible to any fan of funky music. Catch them on tour this spring throughout the Pacific Northwest, or listen to their music now on Spotify and learn even more about them on dirtyrevival.com.



After contacting the band, they have requested that I mention the addition of their new keyboard player, Ben Turner, who has recently taken over for Karl and is doing a magnificent job! 
Furthermore, Dirty Revival is announcing new tour dates very soon, so connect with them on their socials by searching for Dirty Revival and get ready to check out one of their live sets! Thanks everyone, and keep rocking!


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