That Poppy

For a unique breed of bubblegum pop, look no further than That Poppy.

The Members

That Poppy is a solo artist made up of, you guessed it, That Poppy - a solo singer with a lot of ambiguity. Her name is a mystery, but That Poppy has become just as good a name as her real one, creating quite a reputation for herself online. Starting out as a YouTuber, That Poppy captivated online audiences with short, strange videos featuring nothing but herself repeating simple phrases and creeping out viewers worldwide. That Poppy, as it turns out, also has a knack for singing, and with the recent creation of her musical project, she is starting to prove that to the world.

The Music

That Poppy is just starting out her career as a musician while maintaining her strange presence on YouTube, releasing four tracks on Spotify by way of her Bubblebath EP. These radio-worthy tracks are, well, bubbly, hence the name (maybe). The EP's opener "Lowlife" has a reggae feel comparable with twenty one pilots' radio giant "Ride," with quirky love song lyrics and a catchy melody. "Money" is an upbeat track about exactly what you'd expect it to be about. "If money can't buy happiness, then why is it so fabulous?" Good question, Poppy...
That Poppy's cutesy persona carries over into "Altar," an 80s-esque bubblegum pop song with a rather dark undertone beneath the bright keyboards. Think Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" but more... girly?  The EP finishes off with "American Kids," which tones down and sobers up to an analysis of today's society and the millennial generation vs. the baby boomers - "Drugs don't work like they did with my parents" and the real wake-up call of a lyric - "I'm a millennial, blame it on me." 

The Final Word

The transition from YouTube star to musician won't be hard for a talented act like That Poppy. Her strong voice over bright bubblegum pop melodies make her a strong contender for radio play nationwide. Fun lyrics on "Money", quirky jealousy on "Altar", a unique love song like "Lowlife" and a somber look at society with "American Kids" means That Poppy can make any kind of pop audience dance and sing along. I'm excited to see what she comes up with next, but rest assured that her music career has just begun.
To get to know That Poppy better, check out her regular YouTube account, or her VEVO YouTube account where you can watch the music videos for her songs. You can listen to the Bubblebath EP on Spotify. Her website promises a tour soon, stating: "Poppy is coming everywhere soon... in the future that is near." Until then, Poppy is, in her words, trapped in a box on the internet...



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