Separating The Seas

If you think music is better when it's heavier, look no further than metalcore startups Separating The Seas.

The Members

Separating The Seas is a five-piece outfit hailing from Bend, Oregon. Alex Theesen lends his incredible screaming talent as the only vocalist.  Jesse Simonson  proves he can shred on the lead guitar while Gio Capucci backs him up on the rhythm guitar. Travis Klopp slaps the bass and Cameron Joyce absolutely destroys with his high-tempo double-bass hits. These guys have only been officially a band since August, releasing their debut album Blackout November 23rd and playing shows around their hometown to support it.

The Music

Metalcore fans will appreciate the honest hard work that Separating The Seas have poured into their young project. Hearing these young men may create the illusion they've been together as long as some more mainstream metal acts (August Burns Red, anyone?) which feeds into their attractiveness in the genre. Their debut album Blackout starts off on "Give Your Heart" with a simple guitar melody, which may throw listeners off their hardcore scent - until the drop throws you into a frenzy of high-BPM, mosh-inducing drums and impressive screaming from the frontman, Alex Theesen. "From The Heavens" also starts off relatively quiet, proving these guys are versatile in their musical talents and not single-sided headbangers. Don't be fooled, however - these guys are anything but soft. They live up to the standards of metalcore, ceaselessly shredding, upping the tempo, and screaming lyrics that provoke both deep thought and circle pits. The guitar harmony at the beginning of "Fractured" is reminiscent of your favorite classic rock band, further proving the multi-faceted personality of this five-piece. "There is a way to live and feel alive," Theesen promises in "Fractured" - which may be just the emotional hardcore anthem the world needs.

The Final Word

Not all metal is created equal, and Separating The Seas have the opportunity to stand out from the pack in the world of metalcore. Although a young band from the West Coast starting up and making a name is a fairly typical story to hear, this hardcore outfit is working hard to make sure fans of their genre know their name. The combination of honest lyrics and truly talented musicians (just LISTEN to those drum fills!) could be enough to send these guys to Warped Tour and beyond. With enough recognition, and a little luck, they could be soon be seen sharing stages with some of the biggest hardcore acts in the world - they're that good. You can support Separating The Seas on their official Bandcamp page or SoundCloud. They're also on Facebook, so give them a like and a listen!



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