If you're anything like me, you enjoy some good acoustic music every now and again. For this, I would recommend the acoustic trio Rivers.

The Members

Rivers is a self-proclaimed "all acoustic trio" based out of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Joe Schaefer provides soulful vocals as well as the low notes on the upright bass. Vincent Yarnell also provides vocals, as well as plucking on the guitar and banjo. Matt Sinkovitz lends his rhythm with various percussion instruments. Only a few years have passed since the declaration of Rivers as a band, and they've made the most of every second since. Although mostly keeping their shows local in restaurants and on street corners, the trio has been able to land gigs in places like Philadelphia and Washington, D.C and local the ABC station's "Good Day PA!" (watch that performance here). 

The Music

"[W]hen you think you can put a finger on their overall sound, Rivers keeps you guessing" reads the band's website, and that really couldn't be more accurate. For a moment, they're indie rock, with guitar styles similar to From Indian Lakes. Then, with the next song, you're in "Black and White (Hold On)", which has a vibe more like The Head and the Heart, except with more banjo. Other times, there's a Foster The People alt-rock vibe. Rivers is never typical, which is a large part of their allure next to their talent. Each song from either of their first two releases, the "Fox Box EP" and "High and Dry," both released in 2015, is unique. These young men make the music they want to make, regardless of genre (think of twenty one pilots with more guitars). Even the occasional horn section makes them soulful and somber, like at the end of "Halymorpha Halys Blues." All in all, they're a folk band... who's also indie, and a bit jazzy... and a little of everything else, too.

The Final Word

I, for one, can never make up my mind when it comes to my preferred genre, and Rivers is a great outlet for my indecisiveness. Bouncing flawlessly between rock, folk, Americana and even upbeat radio pop (without the keyboards), Rivers is a grab bag of sound, with each listen offering something a little different. For every mood, there's a Rivers song. And you can find those songs on their Spotify page or official Bandcamp site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter as @theriversband or theriversband.com.



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