Community Theatre

Happy new year, everyone! The best way to start a new year is with new music, and Community Theatre is just the indie emo jumpstart you didn't know you needed (but trust me, you do).

The Members

Community Theatre is an indie emo quartet from Hutchinson, Kansas. I ran into these guys on Twitter promoting their new music and I knew I had to help them out. Isaac Glover takes the lead on vocals and rhythm guitar, while Mitchell Probst handles lead guitar. Carson Schneider plays the bass, and Braden Pruitt bangs on the drums. Studying in college hasn't stopped this foursome from making music and playing shows together this year, even traveling as far as Dallas, Texas and around Oklahoma on top of playing hometown gigs. 

The Music

I could try to describe Community Theatre in my own words, but I think it best to use theirs instead: 

"Community Theatre is an indie emo band with shimmering guitar leads, fat bass licks, groovy drumbeats, and strong vocals."

If that doesn't nail their sound, nothing will. Mitchell Probst can play lead with the best of them, often taking the reins to guide Community Theatre through their discography of upbeat indie with leads that really can only be described as shimmering. "Fat bass licks" is not a term I use lightly (or often) but in this case, I'll allow it. Emo thrives on strong bass and pounding drums just as much as lead guitar, and Community Theatre has both locked down. And Isaac Glover isn't shy at the mic, either. Sometimes lyrics can get lost in the sounds of guitar and bass, but Glover doesn't allow that to happen. Finding a balance between instrument and voice isn't always easy, but these guys seem to have it down. Meaningful lyrics also help to set them apart, pouring heart into their words. 
Community Theatre is a newcomer in the scene, releasing their first single Blue Blood this past October off their debut EP What Did You Come Back For? which was released only this December. "Blue Blood" introduces the band as a strong contender in a tight genre with groups like Modern Baseball and Bombay Bicycle Club leading the charge. What Did You Come Back For? continues that trend, producing 6 songs that could potentially stand out in the indie emo world for their strong vocals and solid lyrics. "Nothing ever falls away," promises Blue Blood. And in your case, we hope not.

I reached out to the band via email, and frontman Isaac Glover provided me with this awesome statement about their freshly released EP:

"The response to the new music has been awesome! We're not a super huge band or anything, and we understand that, but just the fact that people that aren't our friends care gets us hyped. We think this EP is just the beginning. We're all really proud of it, and think the hype around it sets us up for even better things in the future. 
We wanna continue to release quality music and have a good time with everybody."

The Final Word

Even if you think indie emo isn't your thing, I would give Community Theatre a try. Tame enough to be labeled under indie rock while maintaining the punch to be called emo-punk, this four-piece has all the qualities of a genre-crossing superpower. Talented riffs on lead guitar and brave vocals will be what drives this quartet to stardom. Competing for space in a genre dominated by The Front Bottoms or Modern Baseball isn't easy, but Community Theatre is ready to give it their best shot. What Did You Come Back For? is a indie emo diamond in the rough just waiting to be discovered, and you can discover it here on their Bandcamp site or Soundcloud. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well to be informed when the EP will hit Spotify, iTunes and more!



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