Hello, music lovers!

Welcome to Your New Fave Band. Thanks for visiting my humble blog.

I realize there's a lot of band blogs out there, and I don't have an incredibly legitimate reason that you should be visiting mine more than any other. But I'll give you the gist anyway: I'm out to put some great bands on blast that you may not have heard of. I plan to spotlight about one band per week, including everything you should know about them and their music. No specific genre here, although I hope to search out bands flying below the radar and get them the attention they want and deserve. If you feel that a band I post feels too "mainstream," let me know and I can tweak it.

Just so you're aware, I'm still building this site - so if you come back and it looks different, don't fret.

If you have any suggestions or requests for bands I should feature, let me know at yournewfaveband@gmail.com. Otherwise, sit back and let me find your new favorite band!



  1. So excited to see what the future holds!!

    1. Thanks for the early support! Stick around, new stuff coming soon!


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